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Tabi shrunk back for a moment when Ivan responded to her question. It wasn't too much to ask was it? She felt terrible and she felt the heat from blushing on her mud streaked cheeks. The girl wanted a bath and then everything would be alright...

Everything would be alright...

Tabi tried her hardest to convey her need for bathing, staring at him as best and as strongly as she could, hoping to convey any sort of message through to him. He didn't flinch however and Tabi was starting to lose hope that she would get her wish. She opened her mouth to speak out but Ivan spoke first.

"Alright. You lead, find a spot. I'll do... I don't know, whatever."

Tabi's head perked up when he said that. She took three steps forward to hug Ivan, but stopped moving. She paused for a second looking into Ivan's face, before nodding quietly in response.

"S-Sure thing..."

The two of them walked ahead for about two minutes, following the sound of the water before they reached their destination. It was a small stream, maybe six meters wide and not very deep, but it was enough for Tabi. She turned back to look back at Ivan as she dropped her backpack down on the ground.

"Ok...so um...I'll be uh....right there," she said pointing at the small ridge nearby, "Um...if you could uh...if you could uh...go...over there I guess...I-I'll be out...soon..."

Tabi had pointed to a small batch of trees nearby. It was thick enough that she wouldn't be seen, but close enough that he could be within talking distance. She turned back to face the water staring at the reflection for a moment before slowly slipping her shoes off of her feet. She looked behind her one last time and saw that Ivan was not in view and then she slipped a foot into the water.

She felt a rush of cold rush into her leg, she had expected it, but she still shivered at the rush. The water didn't move very quickly so she was able to stand in it with little difficulty. Once she had become more accustomed to the stream she began to crouch down before placing her body next to the ridge.

Tabi never bathed with her clothing on. She'd be the first to congratulate the person that actually did that with any regularity. However today...today was a special case...She began to rub water-soaked hands onto her face and arms, before turning her gaze to the water, becoming lost in the gentle flowing current.

Did she really need this bath? Did she really?


Tabitha wanted to forget the events of the day, she wanted to wash it all away. Remove all the dirt, grime and memories and let it roll down the current until it flowed all the way into the ocean, or a lake, or wherever the water went after it left where she was. This place was peaceful; the only sound that could be heard was the sound of rushing water.

The sun was beginning to rise, casting rays of light in between the mass of trees and into the water. It was morning now, she had lasted the night and now, she was at peace. She closed her eyes and took in the moment, the water washing away all the tension...

"Kids, I have to say that I'm truly impressed with your first day showing. Blood! Tragedy! Explosions! Mayhem! You've utterly smashed the record for first day kills; it makes an old man proud to see you all taking his instructions so thoroughly to heart! Congratulations to those of you that are still alive, because you've already outlasted 19 of your classmates."

Tabi's eyes shot back open as soon as she heard those words. Her head whipped back and forth trying to find a source. The voice didn't sound like Ivan, and she wasn't sure where it was even coming from. Without an idea as to where it was, Tabi was forced to listen on as the voice gleefully started to list off all of the people who were now dead.

She wrapped her arms around her chest in a hug and her knees were brought close towards her once more. Back to reality. It had all been so wonderful, but now...it was all gone again...

"Unlucky number thirteen was Keith Christoph. He got beaten to a pulp by Ivan Kuznetsov and trust me folks, it's one for the highlight reel! What do they say about the quiet ones, eh?"

Tabi looked back behind her where Ivan was supposed to be.

Keith...oh god....poor Keith...

The act had been so sudden. Tabi tried to move, she could of sworn that she had tried. Ivan just grabbed a branch, charged forward and then...that was it...

Tabi found a flood of questions rush to her mind. There were so many things that she wanted to know now. She had a right to know! There was only one thing that she could manage though.

"Why Ivan...." she said, calling out to him, "Ivan...why?"
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