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((Stacy Hart continued from Jack Sparrow Irony))

Stacy leaned against the side of the warehouse, glad to be away from the lighthouse. She'd grabbed as much as she could before running out, but she'd left behind her cards, and some of the things that the other girls had left behind. She'd made sure to scoop up some of the food and water that Sarah had left behind, since she didn't know whether the lighthouse would open again or not, but in case she saw her again she'd be able to give her back a little of what she left. If not she'd at least have some extra bread and water.

"Okay...think I'm safe..." she sighed and looked around. She wasn't sure where to go from there. She busied herself with packing the bread and water she'd grabbed into her bag as best as she could. Then Stacy thought about Sarah again.

Maybe I should go try to find her...
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