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((Peter McCue continued from Extinguishing the Light of the Future.))

Peter hurt. Again. The pack that he was lugging around was heavy beyond beleif, and by the time that he and Max had found their ways from the tunnels, his back might as well have been on fire. His brow was drenched in sweat, and between the hiking pack he lugged and the daypack he held in his hand, the 130 pound boy had to have been carrying around 75 pounds of stuff. Stuff that while it would be nice, he really, really didn't need.

However, the sight of the light at the end of the tunnel sent joy through the tired and battered boy's body. Freedom from that absolute bullshit! Finally! Maybe I can sit down, go through my stuff... Hey, the stuff I leave behind will make someone else's final days that much more comfortable.

However what he surveyed upon exiting the cavern set him with rage. No, it wasn't the clear cut lumber site; however on any ofther day that would have blown the environmentalist in him into sheer mirth. Nor was it even the hilly landscape, which normally would have given him a small shudder at the recolection of his legs ache at the High Adventure.

No, it was the fact that he just walked out of the darkness. Into the darkness. His blood boiled as he entertained the prospect of never seeing the light again; the prospect of dying tonight. Little did Peter know that he had awoken at dusk, and wandered those tunnels for nine hours, combined between the stops, breaks, and naps. And the whole being lost thing. Yeah, can't forget about that.

Fuck that.

Either way, Peter needed yet another break. Carrying this God Forsaken backpack had worn him to the ends of his endurance multiple times. It was only supposed to be a camping trip. He should have only needed to lug the fucking thing five feet from the bus to the campsite, and then not move it again. A fifty pound pack should have been fine.

Then again, no one had expected to be kidnapped by damned terrorists.

"Hey, Max! Katlin! Let's rest here for a while. Maybe even set up camp for a nap?" Even though it was still dark, and he was still infuriated, it was still probably not the worst idea to re-energize a bit. And go through his crap at the same time. The tent can go, the sleeping bag could go, the extra clothes could go... Yeah, that one would suck later on. But the clothes probably made up a quarted of the weight of his pack.

"Hey, you guys coming?!"
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