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Theo had had enough. All these people. His head was aching. New girl had a gun. Rizzo didn't know her. OC was turning up. He hadn't abandoned them. Or had he just come back to kill them. Prevent them from taking revenge. Maybe he had hooked up with gun girl. Now he and Rizzo were expendable.

People were talking, but he couldn't hear them. The blood was pounding in his ears. Even Rizzo looked on edge. He was going to throw Theo to them. Sacrifice his friend, show that he was an asset. No. Not his friend. He had never been friends. He had just used Theo. Like all of them. Rizzo for first aid. Michelle had wanted cannon fodder. OC an easy kill. Teo had only hung around him because he was so pathetic that the girls were an easier draw. Even Vic had only talked to him to laugh.

Everyone had stopped. They were listening to something, but he didn't know what. All he could hear was his own pulse. Ba-dum. Ba-Dum. BA-DUM! His heart was racing. This was it. Fight or flight. And he could never fight. Look at him. A weakling. A wimp. OC could have killed him with his bare fists. The dark haired girl was planning on shooting him. Three against one, plus who knew how many allies they had hidden away, behind trees, in bushes. He only had one chance.

He did his best not to scream as he jumped up and sprinted out. Away from Rizzo, past OC. Towards freedom.

((Theo Behr cont'd in Keeping the Faith))
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