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Somehow, she'd fallen asleep. Carly's eyes opened, and she blinked dumbly for a few seconds before remembering where she was. Yup. She was scrunched up in some crevice in a warehouse. Her butt hurt. Her foot was asleep. And now she really needed to pee.

Carly just wanted to go back to sleep. Whatever dreams she might have would be better than this. If she went back to sleep she wouldn't need to worry about being killed or needing to pee.


She didn't want to listen to who they were. Right now she was doing the smart thing. As long as no one found her then no one could hurt her. Carly wrapped her arms around her head, trying to shut out the noise, and that's when she heard OH GOD WAS THAT MY NAME IS SOMEONE LOOKING FOR ME TO KILL ME IT WASN'T MY NAME I JUST MISHEARD I JUST HEARD WRONG I JUST-

She kept silent as another unknown person joined the group. They just all needed to go away, they'd do that eventually and then she'd be alone and safe again and--


The speakers suddenly crackled, jolting Carly out of her silence. Where was the voice coming from? She whipped her head around, succeeding only in smacking the back of her head against the cargo box.

Carly moaned in pain as the announcements began, listing off her dead classmates. She didn't pay much attention to that though. After all, realizing that you've given away your position has a way of occupying your thoughts.
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