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"...Uh, guys? You SURE this is a good idea?"

"C'mon, you really think anyone gives a damn about a stupid theatre?"

"Well, uh, no... I guess...... Its just that we could get, y'know, caught and stuff!"

"We AIN'T gonna get caught, trust me... Besides, its too late to back out now anyway. Bobby nearly got into some real trouble earlier after his mom caught him with his spraycan... Dumbass."

"Hey! Shut up!"

"YOU shut up!"

"Um, yeah... But..."

"Look Marty, we already agreed that you didn't have to actually take part in this, okay? All YOU have to do is keep a lookout... Nothing more, nothing less... Besides, even if we ARE caught, I've got our backs covered don't you worry..."

"...R, really?"

"Yeah, of course! Trust me Marty... We're buddies, remember?"

"Y, yeah......"


Marty never really saw the appeal of waking up first thing in the morning. For some people it meant a time to get up bright and early to start the day afresh with a nice stretch and a clear mind... For people like Marty however, waking up in the morning meant headaches, grumpiness and a general sense of pessimism about the world as a whole. And, apart from his aching back, this morning wasn't any different.

Well, at least he ASSUMED it was morning. He'd completely lost track of the time by this point... Still, morning or not he may as well get up anyway. Even if it WAS night, there was no way he was going back to sleep now anyway.

As he shifted himself into a sitting position on the bed, he was briefly confused to find himself in an unfamiliar room. Didn't his room have a T.V in it? And a smaller bed... And a poster of Muse on the wall... And a carpet... And.......

...Wait... Oh yeah, right...

"Ffffffuuuuuck...." he said to himself as he fell back onto the soft mattress. The initial shock of the situation had long worn off him by this point... After all, its not as if he could spend every waking moment scared out of his wits right? That being said, he didn't feel any less tense then he was before... Probably wouldn't take much to cause the him panic again.

Still, before that happened, he could at least take solace in the fact that for now he was safe... If ANYWHERE on this island could be classified as being remotely safe. If he could find this place by stumbling along randomly, then chances are it wouldn't be long until somebody else came across it PURPOSELY. Hopefully he'd be far, far away by that point... Not that he needed to rush or anything. May as well take the opportunity for a little relaxation.

He unzipped the dufflebag and looked through the contents, searching for the rations they'd apparently been given. Whilst he never really bothered with breakfast first thing back home, here in SOTF he suspected that if he didn't keep what little of his strength up that it was going to bite him in the ass later on in the game. Provided he even lived that long... Best not think about it for now...

Eventually, he managed to find a rather average looking loaf of bread amongst all the garbled contents of the small bag. Two loafs of bread and a few tins of crackers? What kind of balanced rations are THOSE? Its only carbohydrates! No protein? No fats? No vitamins? Jesus Christ, how the hell is ANYBODY supposed to last on this crap!

Sigh, I guess a healthy and balance meal wasn't exactly on their minds when they made this...
On that note, he tore off a piece of the loaf before placing the rest of it back in his bag, taking a good bite of what would have to suffice as his breakfast. He'd rarely ever eaten bread without something to go along with it... Like peanut butter, or ham, or mayonnaise, or SOMETHING! It reminded him of what it was like back home whenever his parents were out and he had to make sandwiches for himself and his little sister...

...his little sister...

It was then he realised that the chances of him ever seeing her again were practically naught. What was she doing right now? Was she watching him sitting here, eating a small piece of bread in misery? Would she even be ALLOWED to watch him? She was only seven after all... He wouldn't be surprised if his parents tried to keep the truth from her for as long as possible. Did this mean that she didn't even know how much danger her was in?!? That thought was even more horrifying then the idea of her watching him hopelessly from behind a TV screen...

Either way, the fact remained that he was pretty much doomed by this point... He didn't have what it took to win this! He wasn't a brooding antihero like Adam Dodd... A total badass like Bryan Calvert... Or even a complete sociopath like J.R Rizzolo. He was just a guy! He wasn't special, or interesting, or entertaining or anything! He didn't have some big dramatic past, or any hidden talents or skills that could come in use. Hell, even if he DID it wouldn't of changed the fact that he was screwed beyond belief. As much as he hated to admit it, Jimmy Brennan was right back there. It'd take more then guts and strength to win here... You could be the most dedicated, skilled, absolute BADASS here and it still wouldn't change the fact that a shotgun to the face is still a shotgun to the face...

Besides, even if he did somehow (Probably via divine intervention) survive here... Then what? Return home only to be vilified by all the relatives and friends of the people who weren't so lucky? What if he was forced to actually commit murder in order to survive? No way people would be sympathetic to him after that... Who'd want to associate themselves with a mass murderer? He wouldn't, that's for sure. And even if he managed to get away with not killing anyone, whats to say he'd still be in any mental state to integrate back into society? By the time this is all over, it wouldn't surprise Marty if he was reduced into a shell of his former self... Which wasn't exactly much to start with. He'd be like one of those Vietnam vets you hear about, who spend the rest of their lives recalling the horrific events they had to endure in order to survive. Or about the horrific THINGS they had to do in order to see the light of day again. No matter what way Marty looked at it, every option ended with the exact same resolution... Marty J. Lovett was seriously fucked.

As he gulped down the rest of the bread he was eating, taking a quick swig of water to wash it down, he suddenly heard a noise from outside. Huh? What the... He moved slowly in the direction of the window, the noises becoming more clear as he got nearer and nearer... It didn't take long until he finally realised what they were...


Oh... SHIT! SHIT, SHIT! PEOPLE?!? Oh fuck, what if they know I'm here?!? Aw shit! SHIT! SHIT!!!

He peaked nervously through the window, his heart pumping. Sure enough, across the street barely a few blocks down was a small group of students banded together. He wasn't exactly sure what was going on... Although he did recognize a few of them. Wait wait... Aren't some of those guys Carol's friends? Jacob Charles and whatshisname... Ben Prowl? Something like that. And there's Paige Strand as well! Does this mean Carol's safe?!?

...No, wait. She isn't amongst them... Oh god, what if she's... No, don't think about it damnit! You've got enough to worry already!

From the looks of things, they didn't seem to have any violent intentions. It didn't really occur to Marty that perhaps most of the people here wouldn't be playing either... Sure, it was probably the most practical thing to do in the situation, but that didn't mean that EVERYBODY would have instantly turned into raging psychopaths. No, it was way too early for that... Still, the fact that the group were probably harmless didn't make Marty feel any more inclined to give away his position. Just because THEY didn't mean harm didn't mean anyone else would...

And, within a few minutes, that's exactly what happened.

It looked so calm at first... A couple of them had decided to investigate one of the nearby houses. Simple enough... But then, there was an uncomfortable silence. Followed by what sounded like various muffled shouts and yells. And then...



He had to grab his mouth in order to stop himself from screaming out loud there and then. He'd never heard a gunshot in real life... Never heard just how LOUD they could be! Just how chilling to the bone the simple metallic sound of a gunshot really was... And then, following the bang, there was screaming. And then more shouting. And then... and then......

He shot back away from the window, crawling underneath the bed pathetically as he attempted to get as far away from what was happening as possible. He curled up in a ball, sobbing quietly to himself as he covered his ears in terror. He blocked out all the noises from his head, desperate to calm himself down... Desparate to believe that none of this was really happening. That he was back home, bickering with people over the internet in the comfort and safety of his own room instead of where he was right now. In the middle of some godforsaken island listening to an ongoing bloodbath, knowing full well that it would only be a matter of time before it was HIS turn on the chopping block... But, as much as he wished he was back him with Natalie and Joshua and everyone else who ever cared about him, here he was cowering for his life underneath some creaky old bed as everyone he knew and loved died around him.

Just... Just make it stop, please! I just wanna go home, that's all... Is that too much to ask for?
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