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[[skipping Chib due to inactivity and rolls for Eve]]

She licked her lips. Uncertainty went into her gut. Michelle... well, a player to play with? She seemed trustworthy on her first loo-


Eve twitched, her hand now behind her back, gripping the sword.

"I think I would prefer somewhere that isn't going to be ambushed by every fucking person in the world."

What was the best route here again? Get the person to come out? Right, and if we had another know it all who wanted to attack people with guns. Or even worse, if the person had a gun and Michelle tried to take it again.

Maybe... it would be easier being alone. Sure, it'd be lonely, but... Maybe it... no, some people were worth staying with, but... and... maybe... maybe...

Eve gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, her mind repeating itself, the problem, no solution.

Fuck playing.

And then she opened them. "Ema, it's been a pleasure knowing you." Quicker than the group could blink, Eve grabbed her bag and her sword, sprinting off into the forest.

Leaving behind an arrow in the sand pointed straight at Robert.

[[Eve Walker-Luther continued in The Prime Time Of Your Life]]
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