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David wished, dimly, that he could be more comforting. That he could tell the other boy it was okay, that he didn't have to pray for him, that they'd both survive and everything would be fine. Alan Rickhall was cracking up, and David wished he could be strong enough to sustain them both.

But he couldn't. In fact, Alan's weakness was at that moment freaking David out even more.

"They're good people," he managed, his throat tight. "They...they let me go. Even gave me my bag back." He hefted it, not smiling.

Jimmy appeared, introduced himself. Without thinking David took his hand, smiling. "Hey, Jimmy," David managed. "It's good to see you." He was looking at his feet, shifting uncomfortably; how many had died in the past few hours? How many more would die? And here was Alan Rickhall, praying.

Well, David had never been the religious type, and had probably made one too many cracks about God in his time to feel entirely comfortable with his own salvation. "Thanks," he said to Alan. "For, uh...for prayin' for me." He got to his feet, feeling jittery, on edge; he didn't want to be with these people, didn't want to get attached to him. If he got attached...

No one sticks around. Don't stick around.

"I'm sorry," he said slowly. "But I gotta run."

And he took off into the forest, relishing the burn in his muscles that erased all need for thought.

(David Meramac continued in Your Cross to Bear)
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