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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Quiet was normally a comforting thing to Ivan. The less people actively approached him at school, the better. It wasn't that he didn't want them near him, it's just... well... the situation was too difficult to completely peg. For whatever reason, those loud hallways held nothing for Ivan; there was no homeliness to be found in the gaggles of giggling teens or wolfpacks of whatever jocks may have been walking through, shoving geeks aside. He didn't really qualify as one of the geeks, what with his sports background and all, but Ivan never really fit into the position of 'jock', either. Nothing seemed to be a perfect fit. And so, he remained on the outside, where it was quiet. And he liked it.

But for whatever reason, Ivan always wanted the recognition... no, he craved it. That was half of his reasoning to become the forefront of attention as far as tennis was concerned, and probably his reasons for his involvement with chess club. There was still no casual interaction to be found in either game, amongst opponents and teammates alike, but Ivan felt like the spotlight was on him. People knew who he was, they cared about him, and he didn't have to put himself out there and actually talk to him. He wasn't the shy loner in the halls, those guys were a dime a dozen... Bayview had tons of loners that nobody really cared about. He wasn't one of them, he was Ivan Kuznetsov, the tennis star. Yeah.... that's what he wanted to make himself out to be.

Home held a different kind of quiet for him at school. It was some sort of sanctuary, even if it wasn't completely peaceful (something that tended to be impossible when you had an idiot for a younger brother). Home was home, though; Ivan could smell Aunt Vera's cooking, feel the very same eagerness that he felt for years when he knew his mother was going to come back, and she'd always have time to train with Ivan, no matter how much she worked at the camp. The training was hell, the drills pushed Ivan to his physical and psychological limits, but he loved tennis with all his heart. Any time he could spend with his mother was both rare and precious.

This kind of quiet was a new brand of silence. As Ivan stared at the path ahead, the girl's form in his peripheral vision brought his mind from these happier times that he had tried to distract himself with, back into this complete silence and darkness. The unsettling roar of no noise at all was amplified by the guilt riding piggy-back on the boy's shoulders. His companion, already a fleeting and convenience-based partnership as it was, held a lot of contempt for him and Ivan knew it. He couldn't read her mind, but to him, he knew that she probably wished it was him that died back there.

He sort of wished it was too, but he wasn't ready to die.

It came to some odd sense of masochistic joy when the girl finally said something, since ANYTHING would be better than this godawful awkwardness. Still, the sudden creaking of Tabi's voice invading the air caused a few of Ivan's facial muscles to twitch. He turned to face her after a moment or so, allowing his eyes to do most of the turning rather than his head and neck.

"Um...Ivan...um....there's uh...like a river nearby and um....i-is there a chance that....well...you know?"

Ivan turned the rest of his body to square off with her, pointing his umbrella to the ground as though it were a cane, even though he dared not lean much weight on it. She wanted to stop? NOW!? For what, a drink? The gears in his head turned as he thought of some response that would tell her to stop being stupid when she should have already had some water with her, and yet wouldn't stress her out, when he gave a quick once-over of her body.

God, she was filthy... and thusly, the reason why she wanted to head to the river was...

"Seriously?" It was all he could say, as he just wasn't sure what to think beyond that. She was a little dirty, so she wanted to take a bath. On an island. Where everybody was out to kill other people... and fuck, she should have known this first hand! Ivan opened his mouth to tell her off once more, but the power building up in his chest was a lot weaker than he initially planned. Shit... what else are we supposed to do? I don't even know where I'm going, so... To his chagrin, Ivan found himself giving a sigh of defeat.

"Alright. You lead, find a spot. I'll do... I don't know, whatever."
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