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Dom followed hesitantly, casting an uncertain glance at Abigail. She hadn't acknowledged him at all yet, remaining with her back to him and her head bowed. Her posture was classic angry Abby, but he didn't understand why she would be mad. They were going to get out of here, right? Find their way back home. And Alex was going to help them, since Dominic wasn't entirely sure what was going on right now. He knew some of the things he'd seen weren't real, and that...that announcement, that couldn't be real. So that was okay. Maybe they'd gotten separated from everyone else?

"Hey." Reaching forwards, he plucked at Alex's sleeve, trying to get him to turn back. "You gotta wait. Abby's not - hang on." Breaking off from their straight path, he moved to just behind his sister's dark form, placing a hand on her back, squeezing her shoulder gently.


She pulled herself loose from him, turning around, leaning back against a tree with her arms folded. She certainly looked angry, eyebrows creased together in a frown and the corners of her mouth drawn downwards. "What?"

Blinking in surprise, Dominic took a step backwards. "We're...we're gonna get out of here, Abs. Go back home. C'mon, Alex is going with us."

"No." Her voice was flat and toneless, not even affording him irritation. "I'm not going anywhere. Dom, we gotta stay here. Let him go, okay?"

"What's wrong?" He moved forwards, shooting a quick apologetic glance over his shoulder at Alex, hoping he'd understand. Abby was just stressed out, that was all. And nervous. He didn't blame her. What was she doing on this trip anyhow? It was just for seniors, wasn't it? Maybe that was why she was upset. Maybe she'd snuck onto the trip and didn't want to get caught. That would make sense. It wasn't really like Abby, but puberty made everyone bizarre. That was something he'd just come to understand. "Hon, we've gotta go. C'mon. I'll buy you a Coke, okay?" He figured the promise of her favourite drink might help convince her. "Don't worry about getting in trouble. I can talk to the teachers. It'll be cool."

"No!" She drew herself in close, arms wrapped around herself. It was funny, he wondered why he hadn't noticed the bruise beginning to show up along her face. It matched his own, the one from Phil. He rubbed it unconsciously. Yeah, the teachers would have to know about that one. It was ridiculous. What had started the fight in the first place? He couldn't even remember. Couldn't remember much, just something about Tiffany and him getting all upset and crying. Weird. But now Abby was the one who was upset. "Don't go with him. You can't trust him. How do you know he won't hurt you?"

"Don't be ridiculous." Dominic smiled, stretching out a hand to her. "Alex isn't going to hurt anyone. He's not that kind of guy. Now, are you going to come along or am I going to have to put you on a leash?"

Turning back again, he offered an apologetic grin to Alex. "Sorry. Abby's having a shy moment, I guess. She's kind of freaked out about being lost. Can you give us a sec?"

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