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[[Jasper-Declan MacDermott continued from Come & See]]

It was a rather uninteresting journey.

If such a thing could ever be said of any journey. Let alone one that had a high likelihood of ending in your own demise.

Anyway- Jasper-Declan was surprised by the lack of activity he spotted on his way from the beach. Admittedly he hadn't walked all that far, but even so- he knew there were more than 200 students on this trip, maybe even close to 300, and he assumed that the island was fairly small. And so, the likelihood of me encountering another student would be quite high. But even so... Even so, there'd been no one. He passed by a building- a church, by the look of it?- but he had not stopped. He had no desire to be cornered and killed in a church of all things. He kept moving- there were, presumably, other places to see.

Indeed- he found his way to another building. This one was far larger- it appeared to be some kind of warehouse. I wonder what kind of things were once stored here? What was this island like before it became a killing ground for high school students? What sort of business was conducted here? It was a topic of immense and morbid fascination to him. I wonder what became of the original residents. Are they watching this program, watching the remnants of their previous lives become splattered with blood? Or perhaps they've all been killed themselves.

That was sobering. He stopped for a moment to consider the warehouse.

It's...certainly large. Jasper-Declan considered it for a moment. The smart thing would be to pass it by, as he had the church. He could easily be cornered inside, not to mention that it was dark. But when he saw a light come from within- a fleeting light, most likely someone's flashlight- his curiosity got the better of him. There was something happening inside. Given that there were no gunshots, and that he himself had a gun, he felt safe enough to enter the warehouse, though not so safe that he didn't first retrieve his own flashlight from his bag and turn it on.

"...Hello?" He soon spotted two others. Male and female- he was unsure of their names off the top of his head. Neither looked particularly dangerous to him. He walked towards them, slowly, hoping not to cause alarm, though he knew from his last encounter that the gun in his hand was enough to make people panic.

"...I promise I mean you no harm."
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