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Alex had little idea of where to go. They certainly couldn't stay here. It was too open, too many places to be ambushed from. No telling who or what might come in here at any time. But where to go?

Think Alex, think. There has to be somewhere safe close by.

He looked around for any indication of a safe haven. "Dammit." He didn't remember which direction he had come in from, nor did he have any idea of which way to go.

Okay. Try to think things out. That announcement said something about danger. I can't really recall. I wasn't paying attention. From what I can recall, we're not in those zones mentioned. So for now, we're safe. BUT, people are gonna be moving from the danger zones. And they might end up coming here. We can't be here when that happens.

He thought for a moment of how to decide where to go. Nothing came to mind. He sighed. "Well, no sense waiting around. Let's go." He motioned for Dom to follow him, going off in the direction he was looking. From the look in his eyes, it seemed like he wanted to go there.

"I'll lead, okay? Let's find someplace safe."
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