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Brock's earlier depression was now all but burned away by irritation. In fact, anger was probably the only thing that would have had a decent shot of snapping him out of his funk. Brock ran hot and cold most of the time, and whilst he was brooding and reserved by nature, he did have a slight tendency to lash out. The situation was definitely prodding him towards that. Hunt's complete lack of anything resembling conviction, the words of both of the new arrivals... yeah, Brock wasn't a happy bunny.

Gritting his teeth, trying to stop himself from just starting to yell, Brock got to his feet, tossing his pistol on top of his daypack, just to his left. Turning to the pair of girls, he took a couple of steps towards them and then loomed for a couple of seconds. Brock was good at looming, particularly over people so considerably shorter than him and not built like tanks. Although he didn't do it often, Brock was pretty well-versed in using his size to intimidate people and at that moment, he was turning on the menace. His glower most certainly wasn't, however, put on.

"Let me put it this way," Brock said. "Nobody wants to die, but some people are gonna be willing to cross lines that others won't," he pointed straight at the redhead. "I. Don't. Know. You. I don't know if you'd do that, I don't know if she'd do that," Brock indicated the smaller girl. "I don't even know if Hunt would. Expecting people to take you at face value is stupid, especially when the single biggest detail they know is that you're not too shabby at calculus," Brock's voice was restrained, but it had a cool anger to it. An explosion was clearly being held in check. "The downside to your offer is that I can't tell whether it's fucking true! I ain't no mind reader or lie detector. I ain't watching the back of somebody that might plant a goddamn knife in mine!"

Brock turned away, shaking his head. How could you be that naive? Brock's gut feeling was that the girls were genuine, but his head was telling him that even if they were, he'd just be the muscle of the outfit. Hunt, at least, had some smarts to offer, the girls? Hell one of them looked like her weapon weighed more than she did. Expecting Brock, somebody they barely knew, to welcome them with open arms was flatly stupid.

Hilary was going to be enough to shield as it was without complicating things...

Walking over to his pack, Brock slipped the gun inside of it and then slung the bag onto his shoulder. He looked back to the girls again, then glanced at Hunt. That little gut feeling tweaked at him again and he scowled. Annoyed though he was, his conscience was telling him that he couldn't just turn them away altogether. What if Brock driving them off left them prey for some psycho? ...Dammit, middle road it was.

"Look..." Brock began, semi-forcing the words out. "I ain't making any promises, but... you can tag along if you want. I ain't gonna stick my neck out for you guys, but I ain't gonna tell you to buzz off either," Brock took a step, then halted, looking back again. "One thing though... I've got plans. I'm looking for someone. If that don't suit you... best to make your own way."

And with that, not even glancing back again, Brock took off into the woods. Hoping against hope the Hilary was alright...

((Brock Mason continued Dirty)
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