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Greg The Anti-Viking
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Timothy just shook his head at Mike's question. This guy, did he live under a rock or something? Timothy wanted to get off this island just as much as anyone here but suggesting something like sit around and wait for our dear government to save the day as someone sounded the cavalry horn thing that lead the charge? Good luck with that.

"Look dude, you wanna know why they didn't find the other dudes the past three years?" he said pointing a pudgy finger at him, "The damn government couldn't even FIND our island! We're on like some no name island that probably has like 10 vowels in it hell maybe it has a couple of X's just to spice things up!"

Timothy watched as the dude with the SHOT GUN walked away saying something that sounded like he was a robot. Then again if he was in fact a robot,that would be fucking sweet. Unfortunately the boy knew better than that and that brought a new problem. He was surrounded by smart dudes, but their gun had wandered off...

Great, just fucking great...

To his surprise, Max had said one of the smarter things. You couldn't just wait for the military, that just meant doing nothing and in what little experience Timothy had with this lame ass game. Is that fat ass Mr.Danya doesn't like it when you just sat there picking your nose.

He was about to reply when Erik began his wishlist of people he wanted to buddy up with. His boyfriend, which sickened Timothy a little, and Chloe Strong. Well he didn't really complain much about Chloe, well because...she was a chick! Chicks are chicks! There wasn't anything wrong with picking up a few of them along the way. The boyfriend thing though, not really cool.

On the other hand he did need these guys if he was going to get out of here...

"Yeah you know what dudes? I like that idea a hell of a lot more than just sitting here waiting for that fat ass in a control booth pushing a button that explodes my body! So ya know what lets move ass already!"
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