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Alexander seemed...anxious. It was strange, and Dom didn't like it. He didn't want things to be anxious, to be nervous. He hated that. His arms tightened on Abby, and she stirred, blinking up at him in confusion as Alex got up. She didn't speak, though - just stared at him. He wondered briefly how he could have ever thought she was younger, could have gotten confused about time because she was obviously just Abby, Abby like he'd seen her the day before he'd left on the school trip when he'd ruffled her hair and teased her and she'd told him not to drink too much and then he'd gotten on the bus and then...

And then.

No. No no no no no. Not thinking about that, not thinking about that at all. Just thinking about him and Abigail and Alex and the forest and why was he in the forest? Why was Alex telling him to go? What was - he didn't understand. His head hurt. God, it hurt. His mouth dry, pasty, the bruises along his ribcage screaming at him and he couldn't remember how he had gotten them or how he had gotten here but it was all. Going. To. Be. Okay. Because it had to be. Because it was him and Abby and...


Where was she?

Alex was speaking, but Dominic couldn't hear him over the sudden pounding of blood in his ears. She had been here. She was curled up in his lap she'd been sleeping and then she'd woken up and now she was gone, somehow. His eyes scanned the forest desperately until he caught a glimpse of dark hair, saw her standing some feet away, back to him. Relief exploded through his middle, and as Alex extended his hand Dominic reached up and took it, stumbling to his feet and bracing himself against the tree as his head spun.

Alex was saying something about things not being real. That was right, wasn't it? Being on an island, this wasn't - people weren't killing each other. That was ridiculous, and impossible. This wasn't real, it couldn't be. He was just confused. His head hurt - maybe he was sick. Or maybe Phil had gotten in a kick to the back of his skull too. Didn't matter. That hadn't happened. Things weren't real and everything was going to be okay.

He stumbled a step forwards, catching himself with a hand on Alex's shoulder. Trying to focus, trying to breathe, trying to make everything make sense again. "It's okay. It's - it's okay. It's not real. I know." He smiled faintly, trying for reassuring. "We should. We should try and get outta here. I kind of, uh." Blinking hard, the world confused around him. "Kind of want to go home."

He'd go home, and it'd all be cool again. Not a problem. One hand on the tree, now, using it for support, he turned to where Abby was standing next to a tree, back to him. "Abbs? Abigail? C'mon, it's okay. Alex is gonna - he's gonna help us get out of here. It's okay."

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