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((Morgan Leftowitz continued from Jack Sparrow Irony))

The beeping that Morgan heard had ceased a while ago, but he found himself still running. Jen had come right behind him and the two of them had never looked back from that lighthouse. The terrain started to become cumbersome as he had to start jumping over logs and running around stumps.

When he did slow down, Morgan bent down and started to wheeze in an attempt to catch his breath. All that time spent sitting at home on his computer had not prepared him to run long distances. Was this what it was like when people ran marathons? This feeling of helplessness? He continued to breathe heavily as the sweat began to roll down his face to his nose, pooling there before dropping into the ground.

"Oh...oh god..." Morgan said between pants, "Oh fuck...Jen...are you alright?"

He felt like he was carrying an extra twenty pounds of sweat in his shirt and jeans. The pain in his legs was starting to grow. He knew he had shorts and a short sleeved shirt somewhere in his backpack, all he would have to do is change clothing.

He finally arched his body back up to a standing position and began to look around. There was absolutely nothing out there. It appeared that they were just surrounded by fallen logs and stumps. There were no buildings around and all he could see looking west was the sea...

"Where...the hell....are we?"
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