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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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((Etain Brennan continued from A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return))

It had been a long damn night. After running like hell away from the beach and that crazy chick with the gun, he'd wandered most of the day. He didn't know or have any idea where to go, and it was all a crap shoot in locating Kris. Maybe he would have gone after Tabi, but by the time he got moving, there wasn't any hope of that. The prospect of getting shot in the back the moment he stood up and revealed himself was a powerful motivation to take it slow and play it safe. Then he was alone again, having lost first Kris, then Tabi. The only silver-lining was that Clio seemed to have moved along after hitting Ivan. Unless there was some opportunist waiting in the wings, he was temporarily safe.

Etain wandered the island after that. With nowhere to go, and no idea where his friends might be, there wasn't anything else for him to do. After the incident on the beach, Etain decided to play it safe. Anytime he encountered anybody else, he quickly ducked out of sight, hiding away until he was clear. Whenever he thought about making contact, he rubbed his sore jaw and stayed the course. His primary goal was still to find Kris, but staying in once piece was a close second. It wasn't like he could keep looking with a bullet in the stomach.

Day turned to dusk, dusk to night, and he needed to find some place to bunk down for the night. It had to be someplace safe, someplace out of the way, someplace he wasn't liable to be shot in his sleep. There were a few places he'd made his way through during that day that seemed promising. The scatter of residential buildings he'd passed through not too long ago was the best bet. Etain ended up taking a rock and smashing a window before climbing inside and hiding out upstairs.

He dreamed about Kris, about prom night. He dreamed about her blue dress, her nervous smile, her blush. The kiss goodbye. When he woke up that morning, he woke with a sense of longing. To say that he woke up feeling like a piece of him was missing would be extreme, but not totally inaccurate. There wasn't anything that changed in the night during his rudimentary planning. Aside from the decision to play things closer to the chest, nothing had changed.

After clearing the buildings and starting down the street, a voice crackled to life on a speaker he couldn't see. His interest was more focused on his surroundings then the announcement. It was only the mention of Kris's name that caught his attention. There was only two reasons she could have been mentioned. It took him a second to remember the girl in the swamp. Still, after that, he paid more careful attention. His blood ran cold when the voice mentioned her again. At first, he thought it had to be a mistake, or, or a lie. Kris was no killer. Kris was the sweetest girl he knew, she wouldn't hurt a fly. Yet, the voice said different.

Etain felt numb. He took a seat on a conveniently placed bench without thinking. Kris was evidently a killer. No, no, there had to mitigating circumstances. Something that the voice didn't say. Yeah, that was it. Kris was only defending herself. Someone had attacked her, or she was protecting someone. It was impossible to fathom otherwise. Etain looked up, noticing for the first time he wasn't alone. His first instinct was to run, but what message would that send? Beside, at this point there was no reason to act with any hostility. With a quick grin, Etain tipped his hat at the other boy. "Ah, how're ya?"
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