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Gloria nodded, hands over her face as she tried to dry the tears on her cheeks--more of a vanity thing than wanting to pull herself together. Hah. Pull herself together...that wasn't going to happen. Not in this situation, hell no.

I bet Dad woulda handled this a lot better, she thought suddenly, and her crying and sniffling decreased, just a little bit. "I...g-gotta get out...get us out," she whimpered. "P-Please get us out?" she begged, turning her face up to stare at Quincy. She wanted to go outside, where it was lighter--

"W-Wait, don't!" she changed her mind, eyes going wide as she realized--going outside meant she'd go where the other people where, the more dangerous ones that weren't her friends, the bullies...she'd die. She didn't want to die! "I..I don't wanna go o-out th-theere an-a-and die! B-But it's d-d-dark in he...here and I d-don't.." Gloria shook her head suddenly, curling into a ball. Oh God, she didn't know what she wanted. All she knew was she wanted to feel safe, and to make it out of this alive.

"S-someone...so-someone d-d-decide...h-help..."

[[Oh, man, I hope you're okay! D:]]
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