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Acacia accepted the gun back from Roman with a shaking hand, and hesitantly loaded it; following some vague instinct that might have been from an old movie as she closed the cylinder and looked critically at the gun. It felt heavier now, and any sense of uselessness was gone. She felt... powerful. And scared; how was she supposed to point this at someone and pull the trigger, and kill them? Also, she couldn't figure out how nobody had noticed the gaping hole in the side of the gun when it was empty, looking at it loaded, it's prior state seemed so obvious now. Still, people had other things on their minds, she reflected, even a gun with a hole in it was dangerous here. That was something interesting to note, if she ever ran out of bullets (which she didn't intend to do as she had no intention of shooting the gun), she could still use it as a threat. And if she were to live that long, she hopefully would have aquired some other weapon... Her thoughts were running away with her.

"Thanks" she said again in a relieved to Roman, holding the gun loosely, focussing on not accidentally pointing it towards him and scaring him off, seeing as he was the nicest person she'd encountered so far. She scratched her neck distractedly, not knowing really where to go from here. She felt that she'd like to set herself little missions of sorts; if she had something to focus on then she might be able to forget that eventually, she or Roman, or probably both, was going to die, and in the next two weeks.

"Anything else I can help you with?”

"I feel like I should repay you for your kindness," Acacia said, as warmly as she could muster under such cold circumstances, attempting to stow the gun away in the pocket of her jeans. Upon realising that it wouldn't fit (as much as she liked fashion, pockets that didn't actually work very well as pockets annoyed her, especially now) she continued to hold it in several awkward positions, eventually figuring that gripping it around the handle, with her right index finger resting on the trigger guard was most comfortable. "So, if you don't mind my company, I'll help you find your sister," she said, tentatively, not wanting to intrude if he didn't want her around, but also not wanting to be left alone in a forest where evrything was dead, even the boy who lay decapitated a short distance away and whom she had almost forgotten about. "This worked quite well at scaring most people off before," she added with a shrug.
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