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Jay gladly opened his bag, and watched as John dropped the Nambu pistol into it. As he zipped up the bag, he felt a great sense of relief wash over him, something he wasn't quite expecting.

It's not out anymore. Maybe now he'll trust me again, maybe now they won't kill me. Why would they doubt me when I'm going along with them? They shouldn't doubt me. I'm not going to kill anyone, that isn't me, that isn't Jay. And it isn't Jojo, or John either...Fuck you Danya. Fuck your stupid face...

Jay finished zipping up the bag and swung it around on his back. He looked up at John apologetically, he didn't know if the other boy could interpret his gaze. In the long run, he figured it didn't really matter.

I fucked up. I fucked up, but I've got a chance to finally make good. Jay, no more jokes man. If this game is for real, next time you're dead. Next time, Fatty John might actually pull the trigger. What would stop him, after you nearly killed some kid?

Watch him. He's watching you.

Jay suddenly felt the urge to pull the gun back out of the bag. Could he trust walking with this boy? What if he picked Sunil over him, and they finished him and Jojo off?

Watch him Jay. He's going to kill you eventually. This isn't just paranoia. It's time to grow up and quit your stupid jokes. Watch him.

"Let's get a move on yeah? Maria couldn't have gotten far... We can go find her, then maybe just chill, have a bite to eat... Figure shit out. Food would be good. Yeah. Come on guys. I guess y'know, I'll take point. It's fair. Johnny, Jojo, stick close guys. And yeah, Sunil too."

Jay said, taking a step towards the woods. He was surprised he could move after what had occurred mere moments prior. Surprised but pleased.

At least I'm not one of those pussies who needs therapy after getting a gun pointed at me. That's good to know I guess. And I haven't shit my pants yet either.

Jay walked off, slowly at first but at growing speed when he saw the others following him. He was relieved he was finally leaving the clearing, considering he'd nearly died two times already in it. Scanning the foliage and despite his unease, Jay was glad John was armed and was right behind him.

He'll point that gun at me again. But with any luck, they'll be a few more people before the next attempt... Oh God.. Man, I'm not cut out for this. I wish I was Alex.

He shifted uncomfortably at the thought. The silence was uncomfortable. Jay never did like silence. He was a talkative guy, and talking usually meant things were going well, silence on the other hand, silence could mean anything. He began to talk out loud as he trudged through the forest, to everyone and no one in particular.

"And thus our Journey begins. Four unlikely heroes on a quest to save a beautiful princess with a nice ass from the evil, possibly homosexual, wizard Danya. Who also sucks dick in his spare time. Our Soundtrack shall be Jump on It. For great justice n' shits an' giggles. Feel free to, y'know sing along. It's like 99 Bottles, only less gay. This one goes out to the shawtys fuckin' about on this godforsaken island...

Bummm bum bah bahhh bah bah- Tonto, jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it! Dum, bum bah bah bah bah- Jojo, Jump on it! Jump on it, Jump on it..."

((Jay Holland continued in One of Three))
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