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The woods were so quiet. It seemed like forever since she had been somewhere quiet. The mirror maze she had woken up in was a dark, screaming nightmare with yells and howls bouncing off the mirrored walls like the reflections and the fair was a twisted warzone of blood and whack-a-mole. In the forest, though, she could almost pretend for a second that they had made it to their camping trip. Isabel and Dave had just wandered off from the main camp grounds, probably looking for wood for the campfire or the bathroom or something. The only thing that broke the illusion were the cuts marring Dave’s skin and blood on his clothes.

“You don’t have to talk about anything if you don’t want to. I think we’re in pretty much the same boat. My best friend’s got plenty of other people she can band with, never really was on any teams or clubs and I never had a boyfriend,” she said with a shrug. “Though I have to say, it’s nice you’ve decided on the ‘waiting till a douche bag murders my ass’ method rather than the ‘chainsaw-to-the-gut’ method, for my sake anyway.”

His parents will be proud to see he didn’t play the game. I bet they’re watching him. Not like me. I bet my mom doesn’t even know I’m gone yet. She’ll notice in a week when there’s a huge pile of dishes in the sink.

An angry, squishy, grinding noise rumbled through Isabel. She frowned and looked down at her stomach.

“My stomach is trying to eat itself,” she mumbled.

She spotted a tree stump a few feet and way. She sat down, pulled up her bag and unzipped, trying to feel around inside for her smaller back pack. Once the second bag was unzipped she moved her hand, hoping for the feel of plastic.

Don’t tell me these guys took my lunch!

Isabel was relieved to pull out a plastic wrapped sandwich. She unwrapped it and savagely took a bite, but stopped mid-way and looked up awkwardly at Dave.

“Cho wan some?” she asked through a mouthful of sandwich. “S’ chicken pesto.”

Isabel swallowed her food and ripped the roll in half, extending the other half towards him.

“It’s good. I made it myself.”

A shrill electronic noise cut through the silence and the tree tops rustled with the sound of frightened birds taking flight. After the noise had died down, the next was the sound of a slow applause.

"Kids, I have to say that I'm truly impressed with your first day showing”

Hearing his voice was like having a bucket of ice water poured on her head. She shivered but the feeling didn’t go away. Her free hand gripped the edge of the tree stump until her fingers turned white.

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