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Carol couldn't help but smile at the sight of everyone working together once she looked at Kari and Simon. Truly, it was glorious. They were helping each other. Sure, there was a bit of suspicion here and there, but it was working. They were going to go to the fight church thing, and then to a warehouse, it seemed, then. Well, it was a really nice thing to have going.

She went to grab her things off the ground, unzipping her daypack just a bit to place the gun inside, though it could be seen sticking out. Once she had them over her shoulder, she looked at Rein.

They were a team, right?

Carol wondered if anyone had someone they had to look out for. Carol had the Entourage, as she remembered, but there was another reason she had to live. She made a promise to her friends back home, that after graduation she would return to Carson City to meet them again. She was still curious as to whether or not they were watching her.

Did they find out where she was, at all?

Carol could almost imagine their reactions, and almost winced at the thought. She never liked to see her friends upset, and to know that they would be concerned for her... it was kind of heart-breaking to think about.

But, she didn't think that she was going to live. She knew she was going to live.

Danya wasn't going to get away with this for much longer, right?


As she slowly and shakily approached Rein, he told her to take his hand and close her eyes if the water was bothering her. Carol complied, and reached out her hand. As she closed her eyes, she could still hear the water, quietly swooshing around, with the occasional sound of a seagull.

The water was still bugging her, but she knew she had no reason to be afraid.

She was going to make it.

((Carol Burke continued elsewhere))

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