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Dave sighed. The girl was really making a fuss about her name, what with all the pauses and stuff. He guessed she was waiting for a drumroll or something, and he would have happily obliged were his hands not cut up. Besides, he highly doubted she had a more embarrassing name than half the people in the school.

"Isabel, Right." Dave nodded. "That works, I guess."

Dave looked around. No one in sight. It was fucking unprecidented, given how there were like a million people on the trip. Him and Isabel had been walking for a good couple of hours now, and they hadn't seen anyone yet. He'd briefly wondered if everyone was just hiding, waiting it out, before he remembered that pretty much everywhere he'd been so far had some shit going down in it. Not much chance of people hiding when they've got fuckers breathing down their necks with chainsaws and god-knows-what-else.

Isabel broke the silence by asking if he had anyone he was looking for. Dave thought it through for a couple of seconds before shaking his head.

"No one, really." He looked around, focusing on the now de-shived trumpet. He was wondering why she was still carrying the damn thing around, but he didn't have the heart to tell her the damn thing was useless. "Well, my best friend ain't on the trip, so that's that one out the window. Teaming up with the football team, wouldn't be a good idea, to say the fucking least right now. Half of them are probably either high off their heads right now or in the fetal position. And for the last one, well, messy fucking break up. Don't wanna talk about it."

"So, I guess that leaves me wandering aimlessly, with no fucking clue what to do right now until we both get brutally murdered by some random douchebag." He looked down at his arm. It was sort've covered in bugs. He swore something was fucking drawing them to him. He shook it in an attempt to get them to fly off before just brushing them off with his other hand. "And that's just fucking great right now."
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