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Claire exhaled, taking a second to scan her ally after he'd finished delivering his oath. It was fortunate, sure, to have such a noble companion...but did she trust him? Even with his ability to quickly defuse hostile situations having already saved her once, she couldn't help but wonder exactly what Julian's intentions towards her were. After all, it wasn't as if they were best friends. They'd simply had the privilege of being blessed with each others' company after waking up on the island.

"Maybe he's got a crush on me or something..."

The auburn-haired girl smirked unknowingly, pondering the thought half-heartedly. That would be nice, wouldn't it? A guy who wasn't a total animal showing her a bit of affection. Even if she was that lucky, she doubted this was the time or the place to be thinking of such things.

And yet, the more she thought about Julian's proposal, the less reason she came up with to object. Regardless of whether or not he felt anything towards her, he was offering to keep her safe. How could she pass up an opportunity like that? Sure, his reckless abandon may have conflicted with her natural rationality once or twice already, but she'd just been offered a ticket to survival...at least for a while longer. The chances of her avoiding or conquering any problems they'd encounter were certainly higher if she had a trustworthy partner to work with.

And if he did in fact harbour some sort of feelings towards her, that only made it more likely that he'd protect her if push came to shove. How could she say no? It would only be until she found Aislyn, anyway.

"Well..." she began, breaking the awkward silence and taking a quick look across the field. She barely recognized the other individuals she was apparently surrounded by, and with each passing second of uncertainty she felt herself more inclined to latch onto somebody trustworthy. "...all right. That sounds good," she concluded, turning to him and providing direct eye contact.

"But you have to trust me a little more," she emphasized, casting a cursory glance at her gun before turning back towards Julian's face. "I'm not planning on using this unless I really have to."

Claire took the time while Julian was responding to get her first good look at him. The hispanic-looking boy seemed to take good care of himself, a quality which she prized in men. Combined with his sweet and cheerful disposition, quick wit, and athletic build, part of her couldn't help but wonder whether or not this was exactly the opportunity she'd been waiting to be presented with, even before their abduction onto the island.

She was forced to snap out of that train of thought, though, as quickly as she'd summoned it. She didn't want to be here anymore.

"...Right, let's get moving. I'd rather be somewhere a bit less exposed before sundown..." She observed, taking a quick glance across the field and finding an unoccupied area of the treeline. With Julian in tow, she trekked off through the forest.

(Claire Lambert continued in Can't Fall Down)
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