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I would like to use my swap card to switch out Madelyn Prowers for Tobias Elwin. PM me if you want the kill rights; we'll figure out a cool way for him to go out ;) Kill rights have already been acquired (damn that was fast :D). Looking forward to dying real soon!
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B-148 Daisuke Nagazawa - "I've got my fist, I've got my plan, I've got survivalism..." CL: Axes Aren't Efficient For Grinding
Current Equipment: Jericho 941F (.45 ACP) [x2 magazines, 16 rounds left]

G-115 Madelyn Prowers - "Oh man oh man, look out! Press A! PRESS A!!!" CL: Break Up And Break Down
Current Equipment: mp3 player, 'spear' (sharpened pointy stick)

B-049 Tobias Elwin :Dead: - "Hugrubglruglbulrg... Hurgbrbggbrll..." CL: It's A New Day
Current Equipment: None.

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