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"You can sit here." His quiet acknowledgement of Alex's words seemed to come too late, as the other boy had already sat down. Dominic mulled over his other comments, not moving his hands from Abigail's body. One set of fingers still covered her ear gently, hoping to let her sleep through the interruption, and as such he kept his voice low.

"I'm okay. But I...I guess I'm lost. I'm not sure. I don't really know where we are." Nor did he particularly care. Trying to think on where they were, what was happening...it made his head hurt. And he didn't want to think about it. Every time he did, every time his mind skated near the thoughts of felled forests and guns, he knew just as sure as apples were apples that he didn't want to think about it. So he simply wouldn't. He didn't have to. Just him and Abby, and Alexander, now, and that was okay. Sooner or later Abby would wake up and they could go home and everything would be okay again because when it was just him and Abby everything was always, in the end, okay.

He still whispered, nervous about waking her up. "It's okay, though. Do you want to sit with us for a while? You don't need to worry about anything."

Who needed to worry? It was peaceful. The noises were going away, no sharp cracks like fireworks anymore. No voices. He breathed softly, in and out, head resting against the rough bark behind him. Plenty of rings in that tree, not many in him, not many in Abby, not many in Alex. But he'd never see them. It was a stupid thought. Nothing was going to happen to them. They were totally okay.

He smiled, absently picking loose hairs from his sister's head. "If you're lost, you can wait here with me. If neither of us can find the way, my mom'll find us. It'll be fine. You'll see." Believing it totally and completely, secure and calm in his knowledge that there was nothing that was going to hurt them because nothing was allowed to hurt them. They were in a forest, that was all. A beautiful one. His father, smiling crookedly, telling him to live each day and moment like his last-

-but not his last, not his last, this was just a forest and this was just a day and nothing was last, here, he had his whole life and Abby's whole life and they were just going to sit until she woke up and then them and maybe Alex would all go home and there'd be dinner on the stove and his mother turning around to hug him smelling all sweet and the dog and the cats twining around his legs and-

Dominic barely noticed the soft hum escaping his lips, nursery rhyme tunes from long ago. Hush little baby, like his parents would sing, and everything, everything would be okay.

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