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((Sorry about the edit and run. Tobias has to go die now D:))

Tobias carefully prowled towards the girls, careful to stay low and avoid making too much unnecessary noise. The two girls seemed to be focused on each other more than their surroundings. Good. maybe they wouldn't even notice him before he got close enough to strike. He was making a decent amount of headway towards creeping up on the girls, when suddenly, the two girls dove behind a nearby log.

Shit, they heard me. Tobias thought to himself as he quickly ducked behind a large fir tree. His heart raced with panic at the thought of getting caught so easily. They know I'm here. They heard me. He needed a weapon, and if those girls had one, taking it without surprise on his side would be difficult, if not impossible. Can they see me? he asked himself, not daring to move a muscle. His heartbeat echoed throughout his chest as he held his breath, hoping that he would neither be seen nor heard again.


Footsteps and chatter further off in the distance. More people were coming. More chances for weapons... but more chances for death as well. Tobias decided it wasn't worth the risk to take on more unknowns into this little equation. Plus, the element of surprise might no longer be on his side. With his sneak attack compromised, Tobias decided to make a run for it in the hopes of catching easier prey. With as little noise as possible, Tobias crept away from his previous targets slowly, fading back into the forest until they were out of his sight.

[Tobias Elwin continued in It's A New Day]
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