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your mom wanted to make sure that her clothes didn’t steal the spotlight from her new haircut so she went with this feather fringed semi-transparent catsuit w/modesty pleather panels in a simple, understated black.
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((Samya Franklin continued from A Pit Stop of Sorts))

Well, that idea had, oh she didn't know, failed miserbly. There wasn't anything of use in the houses, she was tired, Zach was mad as hell, Ash was still creepy, Simon was . . . well he was something, and they were still walking, and she wanted to hit something! Not that anyone would know that, she was just humming. Of course, she was humming Hellfire, but what would any of them know about that? She was just good old happy Sammy, she didn't get frustrated, she didn't get mad, she just was nice to everyone.

Unless she was debating with them, then she was a beast. But that wasn't personal, mostly.

She wished those other guys would . . . maybe, leave? Strength in numbers and all that, but they weren't all that social. It was like dealing with Zach and then dealing with puppets. She needed someone with personality, or least a bit more talkative. Guess she'd make do with what she had. Zach was saying something, she should stop humming now. Mea maxima culpa could wait.

"Umm, looks like a drawing of something." She walked closer. Okay, this was just strange. But for why though? Zach started to pull out a another stick and then Samya's world became even harder to deal with. Not because of Cassidy, she wished it was just Cassidy. But Dustin Royal. Dustin, of the blond hair, blue eyes, and whorish ways. He of the many, many, women.

The guy Samya fell head over heels for in ninth grade.

Can't do this. Ugh.

It would be simple if it was just that she'd liked the guy then. But she still, it was still, so impossible, but why oh why of all the guys, she didn't like him during school, it's okay. Except it wasn't okay, not even in the same ballpark as okay.

She had gotten questions about her sexuality. She'd giggled over cute guys, and was nice to them. But she didn't flirt, really. She didn't have a boyfriend, ever. She didn't even have a date for prom, going with the Stagettes. She told them, "I'm waiting til college to have a boyfriend." They believed her when she said she didn't like anyone (even though Zach had given her a funny look). And she smiled, and she went home. She skated, she hung out with her fam, she went to her room, shut the door, and turned into a love-sick fool.

So stupid, so . . . I just can't.

It was so cliché, the girl afraid of love falling for the handsome, intelligent, talented, whoremonging guy. I mean, she couldn't have been original? And she hated it, hated her self for the buzz she got everytime she saw him. She wasn't supposed to do that. She was supposed to be a princess. One guy, boom, happily ever after. And she adored Dustin, truly. But just because his last name was Royal, didn't mean he was her . . . Ugh, she was too freaking young for this! And now they were here and hell, now what? What was there to do?

People are dying here, buck up Sammy. He's just a guy. One guy.

But he's that One Guy, damnit.

She looked drained now, tired. The sight of Dustin had done what all the work couldn't. Exhausted her. Made her feel helpless, she was never good enough for him, why even bother, four years of that flooding her. A mistake? Maybe.

She looked at Zack, wished she could tell him everything. Needed a shoulder to lean on. She was really confused, she didn't want to admit she'd lost her mind at the moment. Couldn't stop that lo . . . that liking feeling, she didn't love him. She could not possibly be that stupid. Back to the real world. A grave and the smell of vomit (Really, again? That was all sorts of bull.). Zach was right, something was seriously off here. Besides the fact that her hands were shaking.

"Did someone . . . oh no, did someone die already?"

It was terrible, but she was glad they could talk about the grave. Keep movin' foward, that's it. You can do this, it's like riding a bike. Did it all this time in school.

Samya Franklin did not like Dustin Royal. She didn't. Really.

Mea maxima culpa, indeed.

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