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Why do I feel at ease here? This place is death but I feel almost peaceful.

"I..." he started his response. He really wasn't sure. His immediate need was to find a weapon. But that was only to meet his greater need. That being survival. But somehow, he felt that wouldn't be an adequate explanation.

"I'm lost. I suppose I'm trying to find my way. Out of what, I'm not sure. Nor am I sure where I'm going." He felt himself loosening up. The tension from before, that survival instinct that kept him constantly surveying what was going on around him was almost silent now.

"Why are you keeping your arms like that. You should conserve your strength. You don't look like you'll last much longer anyway." Alex said, strangely sounding as if he cared.

Why do I care? This doesn't concern me. But I can't just leave...

He sat down a few feet away from Dominic. "Do you mind if I sit here with you?" He felt like he had to see this through, to stay with this boy no matter what happened. Almost as if, almost as if it was necessary. Like his own life depended on it.

This is strange. So very strange.

He took out the pills, twirling the box over in his hands. Rest. He couldn't recall when he'd last stopped to rest. Here seemed like a good spot. Just rest, for a while.
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