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When Alexander rounded the side of the tree, he wasn't exactly being stealthy and Dominic's head jerked up at the noise, one hand lightly covering Abigail's ear in hopes that she wouldn't hear. She was asleep, now, in the dead bracken with her upper body curled in his lap, but she was a naturally light sleeper. Always had been. Couldn't the other boy see that? With his stupid questions...was he still alive? Of course he was.

"Shhh." He directed a small glare over his shoulder, continuing to stroke Abby's hair with his free hand. "She's sleeping. You'll wake her up." Shifting his legs slightly, he jerked his head in the direction of the ground next to him, relatively free of brambles or sap. He kept his voice low, almost a whisper, as he spoke. "Dominic. Dom Stratford. What're you doing here?"

To the onlooker, the tableau would look...strange, to see the least. Dominic's arms, curled around what he believed to be his sister, rested in midair. His eyes were glassy, lips cracked, and face stained from mud and dirt. But odder still was the expression on it - bizarrely open, and unfocused. It didn't look like the expression of an eighteen year old, it looked more like a child, lost and confused. He stared up at Alexander with idle puzzlement, no fear, no desperation, no paranoia. And even his question didn't sound fearful, just curious.

Lost in his own mind, Dominic watched Alex Seymour, hands moving over Abby, wondering idly as to what the other boy was doing in the woods looking so disheveled.

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