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The word "baby-sitting" made Celeste visibly bristle, though the rest of that statement pissed her off too. But that one part of that one word--baby...Dear God, it pissed her off! And now he was...What, 'cause he's a big man he thinks he can't have a couple girls hang around him? Is that it? Damn it, I thought guys wanted to protect girls! It was lucky that the other girl spoke up to defend herself, because it meant Celeste wouldn't have to say anything herself...and she didn't think she could speak to the guy without letting out a few swears and pissing him off. Well, pissing him off further, from the looks of him and the tone of voice.

"What she said," she settled for grumbling instead, lowering her head a bit and glaring at the more confident boy, attempting a Kubrick Stare. Her hand tightened on the handle of her sledgehammer--out of her anger, only a childish desire to use it, like to smack a tree or the ground. The other boy, his damn floundering, pissed her off too...didn't know, did he? Asshat. "What, you don't want girls around you--you'll be our baby-sitters and we wouldn't do jack-shit to defend ourselves? I just said i didn't wanna die--which means I'd fucking use this thing if I have to, okay?! I'm not gonna just...just sit around and--UGH!" Celeste shook, stopping in her little rant...why even bother with these two? Maybe the girl would be more willing to have a traveling companion.

Yeah, that sounded better--ditch the jerks and go with the girl. "I just want to have someone with me for a while...Least til I find my boyfriend, then if I piss you off, you can leave." John... Celeste didn't want to admit it, but she felt a sick feeling in her stomach at the thought of him. He hadn't seemed very athletic--except in the bedroom, but hey, who wasn't? She only hoped that he'd gotten a better weapon than she had. Shaking her head, she turned her attention to Kayla, still glaring somewhat. "You'll walk with me, right? uhm...Person?"
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