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((Alexander Seymour continued from Droplets))

Alexander wandered about aimlessly. He had failed to obtain an actual weapon, in a brilliantly stupid way. He kept enough sense to stay off obvious roads, trying to keep hidden. There was no need to be careless after all.

For what seemed like hours he wandered. He had to keep moving, no matter how he felt. He had to find someone, anyone who might have something better than his crappy box of pills. Not that it was useless, caffiene could help keep him awake during the nights, but he was defenseless for crying out loud.

Have to find something. Anything. Please, whatever cruel god put me in this damn place, at least give me a weapon.

He came across a tree. A large tree. Had to be quite old to have gotten that big. "Well, that is one way to find a landmark." He said, at first not noticing the boy sitting next to it.

A second or so later, he did notice him. He froze. How could he have just exposed himself that easily. He was sure he'd be killed. There was nowhere to run or hide, not from this position. If only he had stayed hidden he wouldn't be in—

Wait. This guy isn't armed. He looks like he's, dying.

He went over to the boy, cautiously but not too cautiously. He felt that there wasn't much the guy could do in his condition.

"Hey, are you still alive?" He asked. Really, he didn't much care. If he wasn't alive, he'd just search him for something that might be considered a weapon. If he was, then all he had to do was wait. It didn't seem like he'd have to wait long.

He wasn't sure if he should do this, but he decided it couldn't hurt. "The name is Alexander Seymour. Yours?" For some reason, Alex could not do anything but simply wait there for a response. Something about this place, this time, this feeling, made all his survival instincts take a back seat to this moment of interaction.
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