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Lily flinched a little as Miranda picked the skin off of her shins. The fall she took had to have been nasty. Taste of what's to come....you're gonna see a lot worse. The thought came to the forefront of Lily's brain, but she pushed it back abruptly. It wasn't going to help anyone to think like that.

Though it didn't seem like Miranda was going to be any help either, considering she has just answered Lily's question in the affirmative. As quick as she had knelt down by Miranda, she stood up, taking a step back for distance.

But something about the way Miranda answered Lily didn't seem to hang right. Lily had the benefit of experience in interviewing people. Miranda hadn't seemed sincere. It definitely helped that the girl was still prone, a little worse for wear, and not armed that Lily could see.

But just the fact that Miranda said it added to Lilly added to her despair. She didn't want to be here. If she had to be here, then she didn't want to be alone. But the first person she had met since being dropped on this island had suggested she had killed people, or was intending to.

Lily felt her hand creep into her pocket, and it closed around the notepad she'd been frantically writing in moments before. Holding it was calming, like it was a talisman. She wish she had a pencil, wish she hadn't thrown hers into the grass. She probably could've scraped a point out of it with her fingernails.

"Who...How many?" She asked. The questions rolled off her tongue as easily as if she was interrogating a source, but with a cold edge to it. Lily slid her daypack off of her shoulder and her hand out of her pocket, reaching in as if grabbing hold of something in the pack. Lily wasn't armed, but Miranda didn't know that.

She tried to make it look like something particularly dangerous was in her hands, and kept a poker face. She hoped to God that the fact she just wanted to not be alone in this wouldn't show through.
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