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"Is ... is he okay?" Charlene asked innocently, showing concern for someone else for the first time since Madelyn had met her on the island. Her previous raged had seemingly calmed down while Madelyn sat beside her as she applied the gauze bandage to her wound.

Still, the gun clenched tightly in Charlene's hand made her a possible threat in Madelyn's book, which meant that Madelyn was still nervous. And a nervous Madelyn was a talkative Madelyn.

"I... I really... don't think so." Madelyn stuttered, stumbling over words to find the best answer. "He got hit pretty hard in the shoulder. The bullet... he might have... if we were back home..." Madelyn struggled to put her thoughts together as she talked to the gun-toting girl beside her, but her nerves were getting the best of her. Two people had just been shot in front of her very eyes. The reality of being on Survival of the Fittest was starting to sink in. Madelyn took a deep breath to try and calm down.

"If the bullet went completely through his arm, he'll have a gaping wound that probably won't heal. If we could get him to a hospital, he'd probably be right as rain in a few days, but... heh, that's not going to happen." Madelyn didn't know much about real life bullet wounds, but school had unwittingly mentioned the aftermath of such wounds several times on various occasions, either through reading material or through educational History Channel-esque documentary videos. They never mentioned it directly, of course, but an observant student could read between the lines as they tried to gloss over the subject.

"Remember in history class, how they showed us that movie that had a slideshow of Civil War injuries while they talked about the heroic valor of the chicks who worked on the frontline hospitals?" Madelyn asked Charlene. She was fairly sure that the video was a standard one for most history classes, even though some teaches had different methods of teaching their courses.

"They showed pictures of women treating bullet wounds with little more than gauze, pliers, and morphine back then. But, I remember the pictures they showed better than the voiceovers. The wounds were... gnarly. They were hideous, and often looked infected from having been dragged through the mud and blood of their comrades on the way to the tent. The only real thing they could do... was amputate the limb to keep the infection from getting worse."

We're kinda in the same situation; we're under-prepared for the kind of wounds this fucking game is going to deal us. Our med kits are a fucking joke. Madelyn thought to herself as Alex rose up and tried to make his way towards the Fun Fair. He tried to walk away like a cowboy riding off into the sunset at the end of the movie, but the pain was too much. Madelyn saw Alex crumple to the floor once again in pain. Hayley ran after him.

"See that?" Madelyn pointed towards Alex's fallen form. "He's lost a lot of blood, and that hole in his arm isn't going... isn't going to heal with just a little bit of gauze. I... I..." Madelyn choked up. A lump of grief the size of a baseball was in her throat, chocking back words that if said would cause her to burst into tears. She was trying to be strong; trying to be useful. She couldn't afford to cry now. Not now. They were still in danger. They would always be in danger.

I'm not going to cry, God damn it... she thought to herself, trying to stay calm with all of her might even as the world around her crumbled.
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