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((Also breaking post order to save myself from inactivity and get Saul out of your guy's way.))

Saul had searched for about twenty minutes, scared to go too far, for fear of missing his friends if they came back for him. He sat, knees drawn to his chest, leaning his back against the lip of the entrance to the dark tunnels. Every now and again, he looked over his shoulder, into the gaping maw of the opening, turning back with a shudder.

Without his friends to put a brave face on for Saul felt horribly useless and alone. It was just him: his only company the quivering of his heart and the wind in the trees. He wrapped his arms around his knees and tightly held them to himself, his thighs pushing painfully on his ribcage. Sighing, Saul put his forehead onto his knees, in a fetal position. That's how he felt. Vulnerable in a world unknown to him. Nobody here. Just him, the trees, and one big-ass tunnel.

Lifting his head, Saul looked bleakly to the treeline. Should he leave? If they hadn't come back yet, what's the point of staying? Besides, he was already in a risky spot to begin with.

Or maybe he should just sit here, waiting to die.

"Fuck that noise," he muttered, standing up.

Besides, he may end up meeting up with Garry, Cyrille, and Miranda later. The island isn't huge. Hopefully, nothing happens to any of them, he thought, picking up his bag and walked into the forest.

((Saul Fetteralf continued elsewhere.))

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