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"Y'all want in on Samurai Club or somethin'? Sorry guys, I can't help you out. Treasurer's office is that way, and she can hook you up with membership cards if you're interested. Five bucks, plus the cost of a badass sword." The tan guy (Julian) pointed in a random direction, then whispered something into the ears of the redheaded girl (Claire), who seemed irritated as hell. The other girl (Alice) wasn't really talking, mainly because she seemed to be bottling up a metric ton of emotion. One thing was for sure: Julian and Claire didn't seem all that interested in joining up. Only the second guy (David) said anything of substance, and he just seemed scared as hell (which, given the situation, wasn't very surprising).

"G-good. ... That's...good. I'll, uh...I'll leave." David picked up his bags and walked away from the group. As Jimmy took a quick look of his surroundings, he felt uncomfortable. The remaining three students were hiding something, and it was clear that they didn't want anybody else around (at least, it was clear to Jimmy - while they weren't overtly hostile, Julian and Claire definitely seemed to not want anybody joining them, while Alice was unknown but probably not in the best mood to ask). Great. This is awkward. Have to get out of here.

"Uh, nice. Sorry to intrude, I'll just be going that way." Jimmy motioned back in the direction that he had come from. He turned back to notice David talking to Alan. As he walked towards them, he noticed that Alan seemed incredibly stressed. Jimmy cursed silently. He had been so busy over finding other people that he had forgotten the one right next to him. He noticed David's posture and demeanor.

Friendly, scared, not a threat to play. Seems like one of the many good people in a bad spot. Then he noticed Alan.

"I'll pray for you... I'll pray for us all... Pray for our sanity..." Unlike David, who seemed to have some control over his fear, Alan, who was slumped over a tree stump, seemed like he was ready to break down (Again, while undesirable, Alan's reaction was completely understandable). Jimmy just walked over to Alan, and put his left hand on Alan's shoulder.

"Hey, Alan. It's okay. Nobody's going to hurt us. Everything will be fine." Jimmy tried to reassure Alan, although the statement he had just given was an obvious lie - barring a timely rescue by the US government (which couldn't be counted on - Danya had eluded the law at least four times previously) or a million-to-one collar failure (also unlikely - given that this was the fifth version that Jimmy knew about, it was almost a given that most of the kinks had been worked out of the collar design), almost the entirety of the Bayview senior class was irrevocably bound the to the horrible game of SOTF. Still, Jimmy knew that the worst thing he could do was give Alan any impression that Jimmy knew that the words coming out of his mouth were a lie. He quickly turned to offer a quick smile and his right hand to the other guy.

"Hey. I'm Jimmy. How are you holding up?"

Come on, Alan, keep it together ...
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