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A soft sigh eminated from the boy as he shuffled both quickly and quietly towards the site of his bags. The rations he had selected for the trip were not meager by any definition of the word, and the addition of the second backpack would make carrying everything difficult farther down the road. And while seeing to re-organize his belongings was impossible in the current setting, Peter was confident that he could re-pack everything into a single bag at some point down the road. However this was not the time to focus on ease of travel, and more the time to focus on getting away silently, and with haste.

His voice was hushed and urgent, yet the tone behind the whisper was one of genuine concern. "Max, Katlin, we have to move now." A soft zip echoed through the tunnels as he prepared his personal bag to move. A quick tug, and the hefty bag rested atop his shoulders yet again; although this time it wasn't the thing pinning him into the dust. Sliding the full flashlight from the bag he was provided by their oh so gracious hosts, he flicked it on; making a point to point the source of light away from the newcomers. "Let's go this way." The map would be utterly useless, even if they could see it. The best thing to do would be to stumble around until they saw the break of dawn filtering through a way out.

Light steps echoed through the tunnels as the boy marched cautiously in circles, slowly making his way towards his first clear, attainable goal.

He only hoped his new friends didn't get left behind.

((Peter McCue Continued in Some Fantastic.))
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