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"Oh, I don't have a weapon, only some Benadryl and some, um, bandages." Great. She'd just given the girl a free pass to throttle her. Although, really, Allie expected that if she was going to try something she would've done it by now. She didn't look like the type to slowly and methodically plan out a method of manipulating the first person she met until she could just jump up and throttle her with something. "Just a bunch of medical stuff, really, Nothing that could, y'know, hurt anyone."

Great, she'd made herself paranoid. Well, more paranoid than she was, anyway. Right now, she didn't think she could afford to be paranoid, or something like that. She needed to find someone who knew what they were gonna do, who had a plan, to get them off or something. That's how it always worked. Granted, it always failed, but it had to have been worth trying if they'd repeated it so many times, right?

Footsteps. All around. Lots of them, too, rustling leaves everywhere. The girl told Allie to get down, duck behind cover. Allie guessed she meant hide behind the log, and she quickly ducking as low as she could to stay out of sight. She was pretty short, so she guessed she wouldn't have that much trouble pulling it off. Just had to make sure to stay away from the roots or anything.

"Alright, I think we're hidden?" Allie turned her head and whispered to the girl, just to check, really. Just in case the girl was some kind of espionage expert and was gonna throttle her for getting it wrong. "They shouldn't be able to see us, right?"

Allie put her hand on the log, peeking her head over. The pain started back up. She grunted and gritted her teeth. Had to keep quiet, stay out of sight. She ducked back down and pulled her arm down this time. The dull click that she heard meant that had to have done something, right? Allie wasn't sure, but her arm wasn't hurting as much now. Down to much more bearable levels. Allie slumped down, leaning her back on the log and taking a few deep breaths, keeping her inhaler at the ready.
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