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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Horrific examples of godmodding approved by Greg, hopefully))

She may have said one thing, but Tabi's body language was telling a completely different story. To be frank, Ivan had pretty much expected, and in fact dreaded, this sort of reaction the moment his senses had returned to him. The girl obviously had not seen the horrors of what was yet to come; understandable, since this was the very first day of this damned 'game', and she had been with him the entire time. Ivan was sure that they were both about as scared as they would ever be in their lives, particularly when Clio had done what she did, but nothing could have prepared them for this. Nothing in the world could have prepared Ivan for Keith, and for what he would eventually do to him.

He considered the thought of just having Tabi go, to run off to her inevitable and horrible death where it would be out of sight, out of mind, and of no concern to Ivan as he prepared for his own demise. Even with the best of his efforts, though, the thought couldn't get pushed past its mere conception, try as he might. Maybe he really was starting to feel sorry for the girl and all the trauma he caused her, even if her life wouldn't extend another week, tops.

That isn't smart. Just because I feel a bit guilty, even if it's just for making her watch that, that... had nothing to do with her. And she's going to see a whole lot more death. She's honestly just... going to have to put up with it! ... But it'll be better off if I stayed close, helped her out, kept her useful.

"... Look." Ivan was doing his best to try and keep the talking to a minimum. Today, he had been awfully chatty, but he chalked most of that up to his nerves firing off in every direction at about a quadrillion miles an hour. Maybe, just maybe, he'd settle down, find his courage to face the camera, and say goodbye, but settling down was a big enough first step. "Let's... go. Not safe here."

That should have been more than enough to get the message across that Ivan wanted Tabi to reach. He stood in front of her, contemplating reaching and pushing lightly on her shoulder or back to nudge her into a standing position, but decided against it; when the girl was ready to move, she'd move, hopefully. When the girl finally did, Ivan stood on her side, making sure she looked straight ahead and just got out of there, sheltering her eyes with his hand if he really had to... another freakout would be highly inconveniencing. His totebag slung around his left shoulder to ease up pressure on his right arm, Ivan held his umbrella to his side, as though it were the only thing he had left to depend on to save their asses.

He was probably never touching another tree branch for as long as he lived.
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