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Robert held his breathe as he witnessed the attempt to steal what seemed to be a gun, and the discussion that followed after it. Deciding to make himself noticed, he took a few steps forward and was then in view to the girls. "Am I the only one who didn't 'sleep' well?" He asked, trying to make conversation. Robert then looked around the area, trying to pinpoint his location. The kit he was given had a map inside, though he did not feel like checking it at the time. Instead, Robert loosened the grip on his trench knife, dragging the thing around had already gotten annoying. Yet, he felt safe having it around him.

Already being the awkward boy he knew himself to be, Robert Herrmann stood there, uncertain and overly cautious. Would they have felt mad, or worse, suspicious, that he stood there, watching, listening? Or would they not care, as long as one had her chocolate bar and the others were safe, alive? Listening to Michelle's speech, he thought to himself why he wanted to live. Other people on this island wanted to live- heck, they all did. What made him better than them? Why should he be the one who gets to live? Robert stopped thinking, as all his thoughts led to considering the game in which he was forced to play.

"So uhh... What now Eve?" He looked at who he guessed Michelle was talking to and frowned. Wasn't she Eva? Or wait, no, isn't that the third girl? Robert sighed to himself, already hating the first few minutes of being on this island and nothing major happened to him yet, besides waking up.

((Robert Herrmann continued in Last Gasp))
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