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Alex watched in amazement as her suggestion and discussion suddenly turned into action. Maria had the grave well in hand before Alex managed to kneel down and join her. She smiled that to herself, she didn’t know about anyone else she came across, but burying Warren had seemed like the right thing today. Once they had Warren buried she stood and absently brushed her hands off on her already stained jeans.

By then Jessica had grabbed her hand. "Are we going with them?" Jessica asked, her voice shaking. "I-I mean... I don't... C'mon, let's go."

Alex regarded the girl she’d been trying to bring out of her shell for the last year and half. Jessica was right; since they’d buried Warren there wasn’t a whole lot for them to do now besides stand here out in the open. She needed to get going if she was going to find Roman. He obviously wasn’t here, so she figured she should explore more of the island. She paused and bit her lip, what if he was looking for her and they missed each other because they were both on the move. She shook her head, she couldn’t just sit her and do nothing, and she needed to be on the move.

Sighing, she squeezed Jessica’s hand. “Yeah come on let’s get going. I need to find Roman. If you guys see him will you tell him that I was here and looking for him,” she asked the group that was still standing around Warren’s makeshift grave.

Decision made she randomly picked a direction, bent down and grabbed her bag, and then headed out of the town center with Jessica in tow.

((Alex Jackson continued in Mad World))
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