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Michelle tensed up as the attack failed to remove the boy's gun as he jumped back. She noticed he was losing his footing and she took several steps forward. At this range she could easily pounced at him. The only problem was the gun. She ignored his pointless yelling as she went ahead to process what the do next. If she killed the boy then she would look like a killer in front of the two girls. Not what she wanted. She gently crept forward as the crazy boy.

Keep talking my friend... Let your guard down for a second strike. This time the arm...

She never got the chance. She noticed the boy reach out for his gun. She knew the moment he would draw it she had to avoid it. Somehow she had to dodge the bullet.

The gun was coming out of the boy's pocket.

He froze.

She froze.

She stood there watching his hand as it stopped pulling the gun from the pocket. What had happen? Then he suddenly shoved it back inside. Michelle was confused. Wasn't he going to attack her? Instead he simply yelled out a few words that Michelle simply ignored and ran off.

Confused Michelle didn't know what to do next. She was expecting to be shot in the next few moments. Instead he ran off.

With the tension gone she scratch her muddy head. Not sure what to do she turned around to face the girls.

"What the fuck were you thinking!?" yelled Ema.

Michelle raised an eyebrow at the question.

"To get the gun?" She answered.

Obviously her sudden action baffled the creepy girl. So much for being creepy. Now she was just... Weird? Was that an improvement? Oh well.

"Girls. I think we need to find out how fucked we are." Announced Eve. The girl that Michelle actually liked seem less shock and more reasonable.

Eve put away her sword as she sat down while crossing her legs.

"Put your weapons behind your backs, and sit down. We need to calm down. And we need to talk."

Michelle figured that it wasn't a bad idea. She was already calm and talking might improve her position with the two girls. She walked towards the girls and jabbed the crowbar behind her as she sat down. As Eve looked into some sort of book, Michelle took the opportunity to looked at the two girls without the crazy boy annoying the crap out of her.

Eve was slightly odd but reasonable, sane and trustworthy. She also had nice hair. Michelle simply like the girl already. She wondered if they would of been friends back at school.

Meanwhile Ema was scary. The smile and the reaction seemed like signs of slight insanity or mood issues. Michelle didn't quite appreciate the fact that it didn't seem like Ema took care of her hair. Then again Michelle was covered in mud and not one to talk. Overall Michelle secretly prayed that they would lose Ema in someway.

"Why do you want to live? What would force you to attack a man with a gun, knowing that if you screw up, you'll be shot and die?" Said Eve.

The question snapped Michelle from her small wandering thoughts.

"Oh um... I want to live because being alive is so much better then being dead? I think we can all agree on that. As for the gun well... I prefer knowing I have the advantage against some who has a gun with the change of taking it then waiting for a time for someone who has a gun and isn't afraid to use it. Honestly if we met someone that was willing to kill us and all we had are these weapons then we would be probably dead. So my answer is that I might as well risk it with someone who isn't willing to use a gun with the chance of obtaining it instead of waiting around for someone who will... Is that a good enough answer" She answered with a long speech. Hopefully the girls would agree with her.

"So uhh... What now Eve?" She asked the girl.
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