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((My bad folks! Forgot about Rein :c))

"Danks" He answered to Simon. "I vill glatly take de rear"

Apparently his plan was accepted by the group and Rein's chances of finding Gary had improved.

Hold on buddy... I'm coming

Now he just had to take care of his new found friends. Simon and Kari seemed stable but Carol would need some help. At least until her phobia toned down. As Simon and Kari left, Rein stayed behind to make sure Carol was alright. He stayed within arm reach just in case he needed to catch her or something. His thoughts wander off as he waited.

How are you Gary?

His best friend... Was he alright? He's was always less active both socially and physically than Rein. The German hoped that his friends intelligence would keep him alive. At least long enough so Rein could find him and protect him.

But what if it comes down to these people and Gary?

The thought struck him. Even if he found Gary... Then what? Survive? What if they do? What if only him, Gary, Simon, Carol and Kari were the last ones? What then? Who was he to protect? Who was he going to help? Who was he to ignore and let them die?

Looking up towards Carol, Rein could only feel confusion and sadness. What was she suppose to do? Up to this point he felt like everything would work out. He always found it simple when it was just about protecting Gary. But now he had three new lives to defend. Kids who had friends, family and love ones...

Elaine what would you do...

She wouldn't care about that crap.

Thinking about it Elaine would help all of her friends. She wouldn't care about the finals. Every life was worth defending. He had to remember that. He had to provide hope and protection to these people. The future could wait. He had to live in the moment.

"Vatch me Elaine... I vill protect my frients... Dis game von't take humanity." He whispered.

He extended his hand out to Carol when she was done gathering her stuff. With a new bright smile on his face and his mind stabilized, Rein was ready to once again defend his new friends.

"If de vater still boders you den you can just gife me your hand and close your eyes. I vill guide you to safety alright?" He told her. With that he sets off after Simon and Kari. Wherever Carol grabbed his hand out not, he was ready to aid her at any moment.

(Rein Bumgarner continued elsewhere...)

While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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