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(George Leidman continued from Stay Sane Inside Insanity)

There was a brief moment where George wondered whether or not he would give up on his search. He'd been running for a while, without any sign of success, and upon retrospect, it was stupid of him to think that he would be able to find one person in a large island such as this. However, he forced himself to keep moving, and so it was that his search had taken him to a warehouse just a little ways to the north of the docks. If he had made a beeline right there, his legs would have felt considerably less sore, but he had gone in a more roundabout direction, following the coastline once more. This had taken him far out of the way, and not helping matters was that he had tripped at least twice on the way there.

This had better get me some answers. Otherwise, I could probably just use a rest.

As he approached the building, he caught a fleeting glance of someone stepping inside, someone who looked female. He wasn't able to get a good look at her, and the building itself didn't appear to be lit, so he had absolutely no idea as to whether or not he recognized her. He would just have to follow his instincts on this one and hope that he wasn't walking into a fairly obvious trap. Fortunately for following her, the girl hadn't gone too far into the building. She appeared to be taking it slowly, and George couldn't really say that he wouldn't be doing the same. The building looked like a warehouse, and as a result, there were probably a whole number of things to trip over. He'd have to tread lightly as well. Good thing that the flashlight in his daypack hadn't gotten hurt any.

"Hey, uh..." George said as he stepped inside, keeping his hands out of his pockets. He had been meaning to insert a name where the "uh" had been, but now that he got a closer look at the girl, he realized that he had never really talked to her at all.

Perfect. Just perfect. Might as well get the paranoia train rolling again.

"I'm sorry if I startled you," he continued, walking around her with his hands up so that she would have a straight shot to the way out of the building. "Umm...have you seen Carly Dooley? I'm trying to find her." The lack of familiarity would probably make this conversation as awkward as ever, but George wasn't meaning to make friends in this instance, just to get information. A simple yes or no was all he needed, and then he could leave this girl alone and let her act paranoid towards a man who wasn't even holding a weapon.
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