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Kayla winced at the hate in the jock's voice. Who really thought like that? She bristled slightly, unexpected even to herself.

"Yes, there are ulterior motives involved. Of course there are ulterior motives. I'd imagine he-" She indicated the other boy,"- has ulterior motives for offering to help you learn to use the gun. Just because we're looking for a group of people doesn't mean we're going to be burdens. Assumptions like that are only going to lead to you getting hurt," she said, her anger entering a crescendo before peaking at a mezzo-forte. It was weirdly comforting to let the anger she felt out. Felt liberating, really.

She glanced at the other boy as he said something that was entirely lacking in conviction or substance. He was second guessing himself, which made him easier to influence. If Kayla was a manipulative person, she would try and manipulate him into joining with them. Instead, she focused on the jock.

"Listen. I don't know you well either, but in this situation, you're alright in my book. You didn't open the conversation with a hail of bullets, after all. I can't swear to you that I will never be a burden, but I can say that I only expect what I give out of any alliance we form. All I can promise you is that I will watch your back and help you stay alive, which, interestingly, is all I'm asking of you. There's no downside to accepting the offer," she said, settling into a less angry tone. Persuading the jock was the important thing. It was obvious that he would end up the leader of the group; he was the strongest and had a sort of brusque charisma. Plus, he at least seemed like he knew what he was doing.
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