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((Marion Summers continued from There is a Light ))

Marion had been walking aimlessly around the island enjoying nature and being alone. She still couldn’t decide whether it was better to be with someone who could potentially kill you or to be totally alone. She was leaning towards company at least that gave her someone to talk too. Besides the memoir she was writing was getting kind of boring with all the ‘and then I walked some more’ statements.

When the warehouses loomed in front of her, Marion decided it was as good a place as any to find another person or two. Picking a warehouse at random, she tried a door and found it locked. Well, this isn’t a good sign. Determined, she circled around the warehouse and found another door. At first she thought this one was locked too, but after a harder tug it slowly opened.

She peered into the darkened warehouse and rolled her eyes. “Well, what were you expecting,” she asked aloud. Digging in her duffle, she found the flashlight. She then paused to record the latest leg of her journey. Slipping the notebook back into her jeans she flipped the flashlight on. Leaving the door open behind her, she took a couple tentative steps into the building.

“Hello,” she called into the darkness. “Anyone here?”
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