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Even in the darkness of the tunnel it was easily apparent that the girl in front of her was absolutely terrified and Jessie couldn’t have blamed her one bit. Jessie could easily see herself falling to pieces as well if she didn’t have the faith that everything was in His plan and that he was giving her strength to get through this. Of course, falling back on relying on the Lords strength was something that she had once done when playing hockey and she was nervous, but her family and her friends had helped her through that. This however, was the furthest thing from hockey that it could be but that was no reason to abandon everything that she had learnt. If someone needed assistance, you would always lend out a helping hand, it was just simple. But to be honest to herself, she had no idea why they would stay in the tunnels. What if someone was waiting around the corner, ready to slit their throats or shoot them in the back. It was an absolutely terrifying thought, yet it was one she couldn’t escape. But she had to be strong for herself and then she had to be the one who dealt with this, because no-one would help her if she didn’t help herself. But even helping out this random girl in the darkness, with only her flashlight for assistance, but luckily, there was another good Samaritan with her in the tunnel. Turning her flashlight briefly on him, she recognised the boy, Quincy, from some of her classes. At least it wasn’t a total stranger.

“Do you know a way out? I think Glorias not liking it down here, we need to move”.

((Sorry for the way late reply, been in hospital :())
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