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Maybe he'd been a bit too hard on Rizzo, but Theo wasn't going to apologise. He'd said what needed to be said. Much of the other boys problems were his own devising. Sure, he wasn't the one who'd dumped them on the island and taken away his pills-

His pills. How long had it been since he'd had any. He was about to get them out of his bag when he remembered he'd already thrown them away. Damn. Something he probably shouldn't mention to anybody right now. Still, he needed to keep an eye on his moods, make sure that he was staying focused on the bigger picture, survival.

Rizzo was calling out for OC to come and get them, as the realisation dawned that the pair of them had been abandoned. At least for now. So, he was stuck with Rizzo, weak, spewing, holding everything up. Not the best plan he'd ever seen, and one that he doubted was going to last. Without OC to protect them, he didn't need to show his medical usefulness. Which meant his patient was now a liability.

That left him with 2 options. Abandon him, or kill him himself. If he abandoned him, he would be better off, at least in the short term. But if he survived, what then. Images of a vengeful Rizzo coming after him, crushing his skull with a boombox filled his head. Not a pleasant thought. Maybe it would be better off if he killed him just now. Put him out of his misery, so to speak. And prevent repercussions down the line. Yes, the boy was weak. He could easily stand on Rizzo's throat until he choked, and take his chances hiding on his own.

He had almost made up his mind when the situation changed again. Rizzo was asking a question, and that threw off his mental track. He suspects. "Erm, I'm pretty sure we're going south. I'd really just been following OC. What does the map say is down there?" And then there was the third voice.

His first thought was that they were under attack, so he jumped. He really wished he had some kind of weapon. Something better than a mask of that fucking Nixon, at least. He sprang to his left before his mind registered that there was no immediate threat. There was a girl, someone he didn't know, which wasn't a good sign to start off with. In her favour, she wasn't attacking, and did seem to be offering help. He scuttled back to Rizzo. "You know her?" He whispered. "What do you think? Player? Are we safe?" All his previous thoughts were gone for the moment. Right now, Rizzo was an ally, a friend, somebody he could trust. That was what he needed.

He continued scanning her for all possible threats as his eyes alighted on her lower hand. There was definitely something there. Something he thought he recognised. The girl was armed. Which meant that the likelihood was that they were screwed.
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