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Tabi heard Ivan call out her name again, but this only made her squirm more. She tried screaming again but it started to become more painful to do so, her throat was starting to dry out now. Nobody would be able to hear her soon and she wouldn't be able to do anything to save her self, save for worming her way out. She tried thrashing more Now using her arms and legs to try and push her away from him, away from here and away from that...thing...

"Tabi... Tabi, listen to me!"

Tabi stopped flailing and looked up to Ivan. Her body continued to quiver and she let the occasional squeaking sob escape from her lips. She was afraid to continue looking at him, he just sat there and stared. He didn't look angry, he didn't look crazed, he just looked...sad.

"What just happened, I... I..."

What was Ivan doing. Was he apologizing to her? Why? Did Ivan think doing that would bring back poor Keith? Why? Why did he do it in the first place? He wasn't doing anything wrong! He just walked in on them and then...it was all a blur.

Why? Why was he still staring at her? Was he getting some kind of sick pleasure out of this? Tabi wanted to look away from him, but he just kept staring. Was he actually sorry?

"It's... that's going to happen, Tabi, but... no, listen to me!"

She felt her body tense up as Ivan loosened his grip on her. A rush of breath escaped her lips as he did so. He still gazed into her, she was becoming more and more confused now, her brain starting to pound trying to make sense of it all.

"I told you, there are no heroes, and I'm sorry I can't be one, but you need to get your head on straight! Calm down... breathe, and don't look at... that... again."

Tabi couldn't look at him any more, she couldn't understand him at all. She gazed down at her feet and began to breath slowly, still shaking, but the fear in her body was starting to lessen with each breath. Tabi wrapped her arms around her legs once more and nodded slightly.

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