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"I'm not a threat, don't worry."

Yesterday, any day before now, Jackie would have been much quicker to believe these words. She wanted to believe them now, but the back of her mind kept repeating one thing over and over and over- Trust and they'll kill you. But then, a new thought dawned on the girl- that didn't mean Jackie couldn't try to make this fatass trust her.

"Alright, I believe you. Just, um... keep your weapons where I can see 'em." The girl did seem legitimately nice, and it wasn't like she would have any enemies since no one really rememb- Trust no one, Jackie! Right. Gain her trust first. Got it. Jackie made sure not to smile as she looked at the girl- which wasn't too hard, since she rarely smiled anyway. When did she smile? Oh right, with Rebecca, who she would never see again... Don't think about that. This was no time to get emotional. And I WILL see her again, she confirmed in her mind- as far as she was concerned, it was only a matter of time before cops or something got here.

But have they ever arrived in the other seasons?

Jackie was NOT going to think about that. Fortunately- well, UNfortunately, rather- her thoughts were interrupted by footsteps. And voices. Jackie looked around, but she couldn't see where they were coming from. She turned back to the larger girl. "Someone's coming. Get down if you know what's good for you, but if not then don't freaking blow my cover." She ducked back behind the log, knowing the other girl would heed her request if she really wanted Jackie to trust her.
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